CBD E-Liquid For Vaping

This collection contains all of the various types of CBD e-liquids that we sell. They say that vaping CBD is the best way to get the most immediate effects. It is not wonder whey so many people would rather vape a CBD e-liquid rather than take their CBD sublingual. We offer our CBD e-liquid in a variety of flavors, sizes, strengths, as well as various types which we denote by the leaf color. 

Bronze Leaf - This is made using CBD isolate. This CBD e-liquid only contains CBD and natural or artificial flavorings. It is effective and often times contains more CBD, however it does not have any of the other Cannabinoids or Phytonutrients that a full spectrum CBD would offer, it also does not have terpines.

Silver Leaf - This is also made using CBD isolate. However instead of natural and artificial flavorings, this CBD e-liquid uses terpines to flavor it. Terpines are natural plant essence (taste and smell). Many people also claim that terpines have medicinal purposes. Terpines are a nice light flavor that tastes fairly mellow when vaped, but also can be used sublingually. You can really taste the terpines when taken sublingual / orally.

Green Leaf - This is our most popular CBD e-liquid. This CBD e-liquid is made from full spectrum CBD wax. It contains the full spectrum of Cannabinoids and Phytonutrients. Our green leaf CBD e-liquid is however flavored with natural and artificial flavorings which allows us to sell it in a large variety of flavors. 

Gold Leaf - This is our most topshelf CBD e-liquid. Our Gold Leaf CBD e-liquid is made from full spectrum shatter, slabs, and crumbles that contain terpines. So not only do you get the full spectrum of Cannabinoids and Phytonutrients, you also get the benefits of the terpines. Just like with the Silver leaf this terpine flavored CBD e-liquid can be either vaped or taken orally. If you are looking for some high quality CBD e-liquid, then stop looking. This is about as good as it gets!