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CBD E-Liquid With Terpenes (Silver Leaf)

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Out Silver Leaf line of CBD is a much more simpler CBD liquid than our Green or Gold Leaf Full Spectrum CBD. The Silver Leaf Line of CBD is made from an Isolate meaning that it only contains CBD in it's highest purity as well as terpenes. The terpenes themselves also have medicinal properties. 

Taking CBD by itself can be very benificial, however taking it in the form of a full spectrum is highly recommended if CBD is being used for a medicinal purpose. When you use a CBD product made from Isolate you are missing out on the entourage effect which brings considerably more medicinal value. 

All of our Silver Leaf CBD Isolate liquids are made from 99.7% pure CBD Isolate concentrates that contain terpenes. So just like out Gold Leaf Full Spectrum CBD with Terpenes they only come in 15ml glass bottles and can be used for both vaping and sublingualy (oral). The taste while vaping is a nice mellow flavor while taking it orally you can really taste the terpenes due to them having contact with your taste buds. 

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